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Character & Usage--性質及用途

不鏽鋼、耐熱鋼的性質及用途Stainless steel and heatproof steel character and usage

鋼種 概略組成 性質和用途
  SUS 304



Stainless steel and heatproof steel are the most popular steel categories for food container,
general chemical equipment and atomic equipment.

  SUS 304L 18Cr-9Ni-低碳 304的極低碳素鋼,耐晶界腐蝕,熔接後不用熱處理的零件類。

304 is an extremely low carbon steel featured of resistance to grain boundary corrosion, for
the parts free of heat treatment after welding.

  SUS 310S 25Cr-20Ni-0.06C 1035ºC以下耐反覆加熱,耐氧化性比309S優。用於加熱爐材料、汽車排氣淨化裝置材料等方面。

Resistance to repeating heating below 1035℃ and oxidization resistance superior than
309S, applicable to materials for heating furnace as well as purification devise for auto
exhaust and so forth.

  SUS 316 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-0.06C 高溫潛變、破斷強度高。用於熱交換機器零件、高溫耐蝕用螺栓等。

High temp. creep, high rupture strength, suitable for parts for heat exchange device,
high-temperature-corrosion-resistant bolt and so on.

  SUS 317 18Cr-12Ni-3.5Mo-0.06C 高溫潛變破斷強度高。用於熱交換機器零件方面。

High temp. creep, high rupture strength, suitable for parts for heat exchange device.

  SUS 321 18Cr-9Ni-Ti-0.06C 400~900°C之腐蝕條件下使用之零件及高溫用之銲接構造材造。

Applicable to the parts under the 400℃~900℃ corrosion condition and high temp.
soldering material.

  SUS 409 11Cr-Ti-0.06C 用於汽車排氣淨化裝置及消音器方面。

Suitable for purification devise for auto exhaust and muffler

  SUS 410 13Cr 有良好的耐蝕性及機械加工性,用於一般用途及刀具類。

Good corrosion resistance and mechanical process capability, suitable for general usage
and knife product.

  SUS 420J1 13Cr-0.2C 淬火狀態具有高硬度,比13Cr耐蝕性較佳。用於渦輪葉片方面。

Quench status with high hardness, corrosion resistance stronger than 13Cr, suitable for
turbo blade

  SUS 420J2S



Harder than 420J2 after quench, suitable for knife, nozzle, valve base, valve, ruler and so